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mrwalto69   (open in a new window)

Motley Crue
22 year old australian kid who is a true rock soul looking for people who enjoy the rock scene like i do. (-:

22 years old | Melbourne, Australia

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spkr4thedead   (open in a new window)

Rock is okay
I'm on here until they make a metal passions site.

28 years old | New York, NY, USA

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kevin48   (open in a new window)

I am a music enthusiast.I play electric, acoustic, classical and bass guitar. I currently play bass in a band. I also play a little bit of drums. I am interested in every genre where the guitar is involved, but rock is my big one. I have always been amazed by guitar players especially by the virtuoso ones. The am up to anything when it comes to dating. Going to bars, walking on the shore of the Su...

27 years old | Harrisburg, PA, USA

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kiknass   (open in a new window)

Looking for trouble....Finding it easy!
If you make love to music, try live music that way you get applause every 4-5 minutes ..........You may say i'm a dreamer but i'm not the only one. I hope that some day you will join us and the world will live as one!.................Tall blonde teddy bear, at your service. Love rock and metal, it's my life. Looking for like minded ladi...

38 years old | Edmonton, Canada

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thatgirl3082   (open in a new window)

heart Rock Music!
Rock On My Fellow Rockers! am a fan of rock music totally!

32 years old | Boston, MA, USA

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natureguy4   (open in a new window)

seek woman to share interests
Seek a female for friendship to share interests, experiences, and lifestyle. I enjoy a simple life. I am easy going, friendly, layed back, secure, and down to earth. Would be nice to meet a like minded woman looking for the same.

62 years old | Waikiki, HI, USA

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shyguysenpai   (open in a new window)

I love rock music. My favorite general style. I like hard rock. Softer stuff all the way to anything that'll make your ears bleed.

29 years old | All of TX, USA

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redduchess999   (open in a new window)

Rocker Chick At Heart
I'm looking for some friends to chat about rock with. Rock RULES!!! But let's debate what band is best - I love friendly banter. (Led Zeppelin, hands down... but I'm open to hear your thoughts about it...) I'm also open minded and can get a bit philosophical at times. I've traveled all around the world and love to discuss culture and world religions as well - although I am Catholic born ...

39 years old | Tranquility, NJ, USA

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playguy8122   (open in a new window)

lets have fun
lets have fun

32 years old | New York City Suburbs, NJ, USA

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metalhealth   (open in a new window)

Rock on m/

30 years old | Solihull, United Kingdom

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